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I’ve been part of Orbis as a Vitreo-Retinal Specialist since 1986: on the “Flying Eye Hospital” (Malta, Alexandria and China) and with the innovative “hospital-based programs.” It’s a privilege to look back on the early days of Cybersight with Eugene Helveston and others. Now well into the 21st Century, Orbis continues to link us in eye care and educational exchange, enriching mentors and mentees alike via our experiences with Orbis.

Dr Elaine Chuang

Vitreo-Retinal Specialist

I firmly believe that Cybersight Consult is the most valuable ophthalmology teaching tool available. Discussion of difficult patient cases is the backbone of Socratic teaching and it produces critical thinking skills that are so important when caring for complicated patients.

Dr Daniel Neely

Pediatric ophthalmology
Dr Saad Shaikh

I have been a Cybersight mentor since 2006 and involved in hundreds of cases. Every one of them has been a privilege. I have seen the Cybersight platform grow and witnessed the huge impact it has had on bringing ophthalmic care to the developing world.

Dr Saad Shaikh

Vitreoretinal surgery and diseases
Dr Lisa Park

I have been delighted to be a Cybersight mentor for many years.  I enjoy seeing how doctors in all corners of the globe often have the same questions, concerns, issues that we all face, and it is my honor to have this dialogue to share and pool our knowledge to help one another!

Dr Lisa Park

Dr Karl Golnik

I find it very rewarding to see the great cases posted on Cybersight. There is a lot of neuro-ophthalmology out there and many of you are budding neuro-ophthalmologists!

Dr Karl Golnik


Cybersight allows me to make a real difference in the lives of people (patients and physicians) that I may never meet – in places that I may never get to travel to. That is a difference that matters.

Dr Ron Pelton

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Making a difference since 2003
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