1. The small cohort Saxena study is no evidence that oral steroids do not work in thr acute stage of NAION (first 14 days) and is also no competition for thr studies of main authority in thr area of AAION and NAAION prof Sohan Hayreh who studied optic nerve diseases for decades. The Saxena study is extremely biased because it is so small and never repeated on a large scale and was also ‘coincidentally’ published by Saxena while he was a main investigator of a (later failed) competing drug study.
    If one really wants to do research on NAAION I recommend one FIRST contacts the very knowledgeable and cooperative sole international NAAION patient support group on Facebook of now 700 members.
    Much better and likely to succeed or likely to avoid wasting tens of millions of dollars would have been the result then.
    Ou contacts with doctors and drug companies have shown that the study designs of at least thr last 3 studies are not objective and show too little understanding of our NAAION-related symptoms, challenges and risks. It is like too many doctors and researchers and investors are talking about a totally different disease than the one we patients are dealing with. That is why no cure and no early risk control is achieved, not because it may not be possible. Patient involvement is key and absolutely not just ‘as guinea pigs’ but to get to know the disease better. Only collaboration will bring a cure or at least a reducing of the repeat risks so less fully blind patients.

    1. In discussing with Dr. Golnik, he agrees with your comments in general. However, there are no better studies to guide us at this point.

  2. What is Dr Karl Golnik’s position on using (oral) predinsone in all cases of acute non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy as recommended by prof Hayreh?

    1. I do not use oral steroids in NAION. The recent randomized controlled clinical trial (small numbers) (Saxena R, et al. Ophthalmology 2018;125:1623-27) showed no significant benefit.

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