1. At age 10 years no need to attempt surgery for an attempt to deal with amblopia! Visual maturation has already occured
    Its an interesting case

  2. You can remove the pupillary tag and then do a refraction and give patch therapy for amblyopia. She will improve.

    1. Vision less likely to improve at 10 years of age.. and the risk of iatrogenic cataract is high with surgery. Cataract surgery outcome will be unpredictable in a child with intellectual disability. Best to leave it alone. 20/60 is not bad as other eye has 20/20. Of course, refraction must still be done.

      1. agreed. but if one eye has a vision 20/20 other eye can improve with amblyopia therapy, after removal of membrane.

      2. At age 10 years, the child is generally beyond the period of amblyopia plasticity which generally ends around age 7-8 years. This child would be unlikely to respond to amblyopia therapy after surgical removal of the membrane which also carries some element of surgical risk for a capsular tear and cataract formation. This in turn would make the current visual acuity significantly worse.

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