This manual is designed to show a technique for trachomatous trichiasis (TT) surgery using a clamp that protects the cornea, maintains hemostasis, and provides markers for standardizing the surgical technique. As an introduction to the subject, background information about trachoma is included.

TT Surgery WP LS

Download Trachomatous Trichiasis Surgery: A Procedure Using New Clamp Method

Produced by: ORBIS International Ethiopia – Zelalem Eshetu, MD;
Alemayehu Sisay, MD, MPH; Dereje Zewde, MBA; Yilikal Adamu, MD
External – Gabremaskal Habtemariam, PhD; Wondu Alemayehu, MD, MPH
Editors: Eugene M. Helveston, MD and Lynda M. Smallwood

Copyright © 2014

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